Llama Karma Kafe

Llama Karma Kafe

Eve’s birthday at Llama Karma Kafe

A photo with our llama, Gucci.

My little sister turned 13 a couple of weeks ago and as she has an interest in Llama’s. We visited the Llama Karma Kafe in Penrith as a birthday surprise. The cafe is on the A66 and features Llama treks, a cafe and also a B&B. We did not stay overnight but we did partake in an hour-long Llama trek and had food and drinks in the cafe.

Lunch at the Llama Karma Kafe

With the Llama trek, you were entitled to a coffee and cake in the cafe which was used by my parents. Although the cake was nice they were quite dissapointed they were only allowed the tray cakes. The others available looked a lot more appetizing. My mam got the lemon drizzle slice and my dad opted for the flapjack. I also spotted many other cakes available for this offer such as a caramel slice and a rocky road.

Cheese and ham toastie at Llama Karma Kafe

I ordered a cheese and ham toastie which was one of the cheaper options on the menu. In my opinion, the cafe was quite pricey! My toastie took nearly 30 minutes as they mixed up the order. The waitress then came out and told us the order they had was a cheese toastie and that cheese and ham would be 40p extra. They apologized for the delay and offered me a free drink but by this point, I was nearly due for the llama trek so I declined. The toastie was quite nice and had plenty of cheese but I did have to pick off some of the bread at the side as I do not like coleslaw on it.

Trekking with Gucci the Llama

The Llamas at Llama Karma Kafe
The Llamas at Llama Karma Kafe

We paid £25 per person for the 1-hour llama trek including a coffee and a cake. Although it was my sisters birthday she was very apprehensive about it. Initially, she did not want to participate as was scared of the llamas. I joined her to help so the two of us joined the trek with two other groups of two. We had three llamas to choose from. The leader, Barney travelled at the front. Cuba which was the smaller llama was in the middle and then Gucci, the slower llama, who walked at the back.

Gucci the llama

We walked along the trail and led the llama one person on each side and stopped for photographs twice on the journey. The man who led the trail was very friendly and informative. He told us lots of facts about the llamas and each of their personalities. We found out that our llama, Gucci had two children and could even be a grandad in the near future. He also showed us some funny pictures of the other llamas trying to open the gates.

Our final photo spot was on a bridge outside of the castle. The man who took us around was happy to take any photos or answer any questions and the llamas themselves were lovely. We initially had some misconceptions that llamas spat and weren’t pleasant natured. He explained that it’s the hand-reared llamas that were more likely to spit at a human. The llamas spit at each other to assert dominance.

Other animals at the Llama Karma Kafe

As well as the gorgeous llamas, the Llama Karma Kafe also had some other animals to look at. If you walk outside the conservatory doors you can find rabbits, marmosets and some other small animals. This would be ideal for smaller children who may not have confidence in walking the llamas.

Our verdict

A happy birthday girl


Overall, we had a fantastic and unique experience on the llama trek at Llama Karma Kafe. My sister left very happy and proud that she had conquered her fears. We were considering swapping my dad’s car for a llama paddock in the garden but he wasn’t too keen on the idea. We would definitely come back in the future to do the llama trek again and give our new friend Gucci a big cuddle. If you would like more information on the Llama Karma Kafe you can visit their website here.