The Receipts Podcast and why I love it

Since the majority of my posts recently have been travel guides I thought I would creep in with something different. This post is about my new favourite podcast, The Receipts Podcast. I figured since I have spent every car journey since discovering them avidly listening, they deserved some love on my blog.

So, just to tell you a little about the podcast I’ve taken this description from Google Podcasts…

‘#TheReceiptsPodcast is a fun, honest podcast fronted by three girls who willingly talk about anything and everything. From relationships to situationships to everyday life experiences, you can expect unadulterated girl talk with no filter.’

The hosts are Milena, Tolly and Audrey and they each bring something different to the podcast which is what makes it work so well. They are absolutely hilarious and their content is full of singing and epic one-liners (Milena calling someone’s mum a sideman had me in hysterics!). Although the majority of episodes are full of real talk and humour the one’s I really enjoy are the minisodes called Your Receipts.

Your Receipts is where the girls basically ask for dilemmas which they solve and give advice on.  They literally range from little things like “Should I give a girl my basketball jersey?” to a lot more serious topics involving pregnancy and family situations. I absolutely adore how honest the girls are and how they also bring past life experience in to help other people solve their dilemmas.

So basically what I want you to do is go and check the girls out on their podcast and you can become addicted to listening like me and you can have a genuinely more interesting commute to work every morning. They release a new episode every Wednesday which alternates between a normal episode and a Your Receipts episode.

Follow the girls on twitter too, they are also funny on there. Tolly also has recently started a love letter series here you should also check out:

Audrey @Ghanasfinestx

Milena @Milenasanchezx

Tolly: @Tolly_T 

Happy listening, you can thank me later!

Cara x