Revolucion De Cuba: Restaurant Review

Revolucion De Cuba

Revolucion De Cuba – Newcastle

Last week after several failed attempts being on time for the cinema, Holly and I decided to visit Revolucion De Cuba in Newcastle for food and drinks. The restaurant and bar is based in central Newcastle at the Cloth Market (bottom of the Bigg Market, was previously Destiny for those who are local). Although she had been several times, I was yet to visit but as a huge fan of tapas and cocktails, I knew that more than likely I was going to enjoy.

Cocktails on arrival

Zombie Cocktail - Revolucion De Cuba
Zombie cocktail at Revolucion De Cuba

Surprisingly, the first cocktail I ordered was not a Long Island Ice Tea. I did, however, opt for another strong cocktail with a load of different alcohol in which was the Zombie. I could not tell you what is in this as it’s actually secret on the menu but it was very nice and came with flaming brown sugar. Holly opted for the Pornstar Rumtini which is pretty self-explanatory. For the first round of cocktails, it was £9.25 for my Zombie and £9.50 for the Pornstar Rumtini. Although I think this is quite pricey, it is a very nice place and I was expecting to pay a higher amount for cocktails.

Tapas menu at Revolucion De Cuba

Tapas at Revolucion De Cuba
Tapas at Revolucion De Cuba

The menu consisted of a tapas menu and an ordinary food menu. The ordinary food menu consisted of burritos, burgers and other Cuban main dishes but we opted for the tapas. On Monday-Saturday tapas is 3 for £14 or it’s 2-4-1 on a Sunday. We visited on a Saturday and got 3 tapas dishes each to share between us. The dishes we chose were Albondigas (meatballs), Patatas Bravas, Charred Halloumi, Calamari, Chicken Rumba Skewers and Jerk Fried Chicken. The chicken dishes, calamari and meatballs were phenomenal and I would definitely get these again. The Patatas Bravas was nice but I felt as if the potatoes could have been in the oven a little longer as they were very very pale but they did end up smothered in salsa. The Charred Halloumi was nice but I felt like we received more salad than halloumi which was disappointing.

Second round of cocktails

Mangon! at Revolucion De Cuba
Mangon! at Revolucion De Cuba

Our second round of cocktails was unfortunately not as good as our first choices. I ordered a Nuclear Daquiri which was very strong. I found the texture of the daquiri very odd as well but it was okay. Holly’s choice, however, was absolutely tiny. Holly ordered the Mangon! She assumed it would come in a normal-sized glass but what came out was slightly larger than a shot glass. It was nice but quite strong and got quite sickly after a few sips. Both cocktails were £8.75 and my Nuclear Daquiri was significantly larger than the Mangon!

Overall Verdict

Revolucion De Cuba card
Revolucion De Cuba Amigo card

The service, was really good. It was busy upon our arrival and we were seated quickly. We were served by Jennifer who was really attentive and friendly. She was prompt taking our orders and was even kind enough to give us one of these loyalty ‘Amigo’ cards. The Amigo card entitles you to exclusive offers such as 3 for £10 tapas and 2-4-1 cocktails. Overall I would definitely come back. I would happily have the tapas again as some of the dishes were amazing, I’d also like to try the main menu. I’m definitely going to take advantage of the Amigo card offers as well especially the cocktails, although I might stay clear of the Mangon! If you’re thinking of visiting Revolucion De Cuba in Newcastle and would like to see the menu before your arrival you can visit the website here. They also have many other venues across the UK.

Life Of Riley: Food Review

After hearing some positive comments about the food at Life Of Riley we decided to try it for ourselves…

What is Life Of Riley?

Inside Life Of Riley, Sunderland
Inside Life Of Riley, Sunderland

Life Of Riley is a venue situated on Green Terrace in Sunderland City Centre. As well as offering food it is also a very popular nightlife location, offering live music, pre-match entertainment and karaoke nights. You can find more about what’s on offer by visiting their Facebook page here.

Life of Riley’s menu

The food menu had a range of different options available from lighter bites such as panini’s and wraps to meals such as mince and dumplings, burgers and steaks. Life Of Riley also offers a Sunday dinner which often gets great reviews. The food is also very reasonably priced with an 8oz rump steak and chunky chips costing less than £10. We visited on a Saturday afternoon before the football match began and both opted for the chicken and bacon wrap from the lighter menu along with some chunky chips to share.

Our Verdict

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Life Of Riley. The wraps were stuffed with good quality chicken and the bacon was not fatty or cut too thickly. Although it was a simple meal it was delicious and done to perfection. The chunky chips were also amazing, they were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I am quite fussy so didn’t have any salad with mine but my partner enjoyed the salad with honey drizzle and cleaned his plate. As well as the food tasting amazing we also had cocktails which were on 2 for 1 during the happy hour. We tried a Zombie Ice Tea and a Long Island Ice Tea.


I also thought that the service and staff were fantastic. Our order for food was dealt with promptly and the food was hot when we received it. The bar staff were very nice and I enjoyed chatting to Allison and Kody whilst our order was being prepared. Josh was new to working behind the bar but was very polite. He ensured he received support when required and apologized if he was slightly slower but wanted to ensure our order was correct. The manager Andrew was also very nice. We noticed he was very supportive and contributed to serving the food and drinks instead of just making the other members of staff do everything. Overall, I really enjoyed having food and drinks at Life Of Riley and the staff made the experience better. I would definitely return again in the future.