Berlin City Break

Berlin City Break

So this blog post is a bit late, I actually visited Berlin in November 2018 but haven’t got round to posting about it yet as I’ve been so busy with university. We travelled at the end of November flying with Easyjet from Newcastle and stayed at Frederics Berlin City Hackeschermarkt which are serviced apartments. The apartments were clean and close to both public transport and the main attractions in the area (unfortunately I did not take a picture of our room – sorry!).

Berliner Dom. Berlin Cathedral Church
Berlin Cathedral Church aka Berliner Dom
In front of the Berliner Dom

Day One – Sightseeing

We got there quite late at night so just went for a couple of drinks in the local area of Hackeschermarkt before beginning our first full day sightseeing and taking in all Berlin has to offer. I didn’t really have a clue where I was going so kind of drifted towards the Brandenburg Gate but we got to see the Berliner Dom on the way as the majority of landmarks were close together.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Our next destination was the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe which is very sad as it commemorates up to six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. We then headed to Potsdamer Platz (and Cara’s coffee shop) to continue exploring. Unfortunately, we were a little early for all of the Christmas markets as they did not begin until the final week in November so we were a few days early but we still saw a small one there. I tried a Bratwurst which I didn’t think I would enjoy but it was actually delicious. Luke’s Currywurst, however, not so appetizing to look at.

Topography of Terror

After this, I had looked at the Topography of Terror online and thought it would be really interesting so we decided to go and have a look. Some of the content I found really upsetting and terrifying, it was difficult to come to terms with the fact it really happened. This is a free museum and well worth a look. We also saw the remaining part of the Berlin Wall before heading to Checkpoint Charlie. After the day’s sightseeing, we decided to head out for some food and drinks. We found one of the waiters in the restaurant we went to very helpful and he pointed us to an area to get drinks. I really liked the Vulcano Bar as the staff were so nice.

Checkpoint Charlie

Day Two – Stasi Prison

Our second day we visited the Stasi prison which was where political criminals were kept and interrogated. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and both English and German tours are provided throughout the day. We got there via the tram service which was straight forward and easy to use as well as being the quickest way of getting to the prison.

Stasi Prison

The tour took up quite a lot of our day but we still ventured out on an evening, got some food and had some drinks. We found it quite difficult to find busy bars in our area but it is so casual over there people literally walk around with bottles of beer in their hands.

East Side Gallery

Day three – East Side Gallery

Just before we caught our flight home we managed to squeeze in a visit to the East Side Gallery to look at all the graffiti artwork. It was so interesting and unusual we saw the famous “the kiss” along with so many others.

The Kiss

So that was a short diary of my time in Berlin. This post is fairly brief and I wish I had included a bit more about where I ate and drank and how much things were etc. but we only had a short space of time here so I really wanted to see as much as possible. I was also quite unwell after visiting the prison on our second day so wasn’t really up to much that evening. I hope this gives some ideas on what to do in Berlin but there was so much more I could have explored and I would love to go back in the future.