Harry Potter Day! Warner Bros Studio Tour London

I visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London, which is Harry Potter themed on the 29th of September this year.  We picked an ideal time to go as it was the second day of the ‘Dark Arts’ Halloween event so some aspects of the tour were added or changed for Halloween. I had a spectacular time and took some amazing photos, so I thought I’d share my experience.

Getting there (It’s going to be a bumpy ride!)

My boyfriend and I drove as we spent the weekend in London. The tour is based in the Watford area and another popular method of transport was the Harry Potter bus. This was available from central London and other locations which also allowed you to travel directly to the studio tour.

Standing on the night bus featured in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

What to do when you arrive

First thing you need to do is collect your tickets. You can either wait in the que and get help from someone or collect them yourself from the machines. They also have three of the chess pieces featured in Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone outside the front entrance. Upon walking in you are checked by security then you walk in to some moulds of the casts hand prints as well as the costumes for the spin off from the Harry Potter films, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Once you’ve followed the long winding path with quotes in the style of Marauders Map you then reach the beginning.

The winding path featuring Harry Potter quotes in the style of Marauders Map

Joining the que

Once you’ve walked through the long path there’s a Starbucks, a shop and a was to actually start the tour. You can’t eat or drink whilst walking around the handcrafted because a lot of the set and the characters costumes are real. However, there is a cafe halfway through where you can purchase refreshments. Don’t visit the shop just yet as you will get a chance once the tour has ended. Join the que and see Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs before you go inside!

The cupboard under the stairs

What to expect

There’s absolutely tonnes to see during the tour as it contains many scenes, costumes and props from the Harry Potter films. It’s advisable to not rush through as you might miss something and you can’t go back to it once you’ve passed. The first part you enter is the great hall which has a lot to take in, it features costumes of the professors, food props from the banquets and costumes relevant to each of the houses.

Floating pumpkin heads in the Great Hall featured in Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone

Dark Arts Halloween Event

As you can see above, the Great Hall was decorated with pumpkins for the Dark Arts Halloween event which was also seen in the film, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. The pumpkins were hand-carved and unique so that no two were the same. The other features included the option to see how Troll snot, fluffy’s drool and unicorn blood were created. One of the best touches was the live battle with death eaters which was staged in the backlot. The actors wore the death eater masks featured in the films which were unique and handcrafted to reflect their personality. There was an even mixture of male and female death eaters and they included the masks of Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. I got a fantastic picture with the death eater starring as Lucius!

Myself after the death eater duel with Lucius Malfoy

Interactive and photo opportunities

Each part of the tour was not short of opportunities to interact and take photos. There was a photo opportunity to sit at Hagrid’s table, which makes the person sitting at the front look seemingly large!

My boyfriend and I in Hagrid’s house

There was also the option to hold your hand over a broom and have it rise into your grasp. You also had the option to actually ride on a broom, learn wand dualling techniques and ride the Hogwarts Express.

Outside of Privet Drive
The typical Platform 9 and 3/4 picture
Tom Riddell’s gravestone

Fantastic Beasts and how they made them

Another really fascinating aspect of the tour was seeing all the creatures used in the film and how they were made. The goblins, elves, trolls, dragons and even Buckbeak the Hippogriff were featured. A lot of masks were featured in the Harry Potter films!

Buckbeak and I
Fawkes the phoenix

The Back lot Cafe

Another favourite aspect of my experience was in the cafe at the middle of the tour. Although this sold standard refreshments and food such as burgers and water it also sold Harry Potter themed treats. These treats were a Butterbeer and Butterbeer flavoured ice cream which were amazing! Although quite pricey at around £5 for the ice cream and £7 for the Butterbeer in a souvenir tankard.

Butterbeer ice cream and Butterbeer


There are three shops, one small shop after the forbidden forest, one at the Hogwarts Express and one huge one at the end. In my opinion the shops are expensive so bring plenty of money. It includes plush toys (pygmy puffs are the cutest), stationary and your normal mugs and magnets. In addition to this, some Harry Potter specific items are available for purchase such as robes, wands and sweets. I bought a cute pygmy puff keyring, a marauders map mug and a chocolate wand for my sister. If I get the chance to go back I will 100% buy pygmy puff slippers!

How adorable are the pygmy puff slippers?

Do you want to visit?

If you would like to experience the world of Harry Potter head over to their website here. An average adult ticket is priced at £41.

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  1. Love this post. Going to Harry Potter World is on my list of 30 things before 30 so I’m definately going next year 😁 thank you so much for sharing. Some fab photos ❤️

    1. You should totally go it’s amaaaazing and you need to try the butterbeer ice cream I really wish they sold it in shops. Thank you so much for the comment x

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